Are you ready to live the life you’ve always wanted?

Do you want to break through your fears and barriers? Are you tired of having the same conversation over-and-over? Do you feel stuck, frustrated or constrained? Are you afraid of the unknown, but more afraid of staying still?

Is it time for you to have the support, nurture and love that you have craved for so long? It’s possible to feel free, light and energetic. Get ready to live the life you’ve always wanted.

I am intuitive, nurturing, cheeky and challenging.

My strong intuition means I can tap into what’s going on in your life. I’ll acknowledge what you’ve done in life and where you’re going and will help you to free yourself of your fears and frustrations. I’ll get to the core of your challenges and look at what’s holding you back. The journey will not always be easy, but it will be safe, and it will be worth it.

I understand what it’s like. I’ve experienced a lot of pain and responsibility in my life. I’ve learned all the tools you need to get unstuck, drop the self-doubt and judgement. You have the power to change everything and gain the courage to take control of your life. Together we can create a pathway to step into a life of love, freedom and joy. It’s possible to shift your whole life.

With a degree in social work and over ten years’ experience working in the field, I have worked with a myriad of clients: teenage pregnancy, post-abortion counselling, drug and alcohol rehabilitation, as well as working in a male maximum security prison.  

In addition to working in the social work field, for the past seven years I have been teaching yoga at Power Living Australia Yoga – one of the most recognized and respected yoga schools in Australia. I teach yoga classes, facilitate transformational six-week programs, run yoga workshops, support with the teacher training assisting program, and mentor and coach other teachers.

My passion for yoga translates into one-on-one yoga sessions and running two luxury yoga retreats a year with a focus on relaxation and rejuvenation.  

On any given day you will find me playing in the surf, spending time with my amazing husband and our two beautiful children Noah and Hope, teaching yoga or doing a one-to-one private session. I have an intense passion for helping people live their best, most amazing, joyful life!