Empowering you to live your most authentic life, full of freedom and joy,
by supporting YOU to release what holds you back!




“I first discovered the concept of Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) whilst on one of Shauna's yoga retreats. At the time I was preparing my body & health for major surgery and knew my mental approach would likely benefit and EFT sounded like a perfect place to start. I found myself feeling supported and calm as they wheeled me into the operating theatre and I was ready physically, emotionally and mentally to move forward. Following on from surgery I have been delighted to find emotional triggers and transmute their energy allowing me to feel light and free. I have become aware of how my environment and relationships have also directly improved once my negative old self-beliefs and emotional triggers changed and my previous experiences contributing to the development of those beliefs were recreated into new positive ones. Shauna's humble style and ability to see clearly through a fog and web of emotions with good humor and sincerity creates a supportive nurturing space to heal and transform. I am sincerely blessed to have found Shauna with such divine timing. I encourage you to explore and uncover what lies beneath; it has been one of the most loving and transforming experiences I have ever experienced. Thank you Shauna.”
– Alissa Greenhaw

“EFT truly is amazing, and the results are astonishing! After just a few sessions with wonderful Shauna, I felt already a massive load lifting off my shoulders. Like magic it cleared so many obstacles, which were holding me back from getting the best out of life and myself. I now have a magical feeling of freedom, peace of mind, added self-esteem, confidence, and focus. EFT really works! Thank you so much Shauna for your enormous expertise, support, care, and guidance! You're the best!”
– Francine Wohler

“If you are reading this, I honestly hope my words will convey to you my true experience with Shauna. When Shauna first came to me I felt OK and my life looked good from the outside, but Shauna’s gifted intuition saw through that. She has helped me, with her EFT, to uncover the underlying beliefs that have limited and held me back all my life; in a way that felt safe supported and never overwhelming. I feel I am now the ‘real me’ and am living the life I always wanted, I have had the confidence, courage and self belief to end a toxic relationship; and to follow my dreams by ending a well paid but unsatisfying career and going back to University to study to become a doctor of Chinese Medicine, and now look forward to a bright and rewarding future. Thank you, Shauna, for your compassion, love, kindness and great sense of humour.” 
– Catherine Oldfield

“After three EFT sessions with Shauna, I have experience a noticeable shift in my emotional energy and emotional response to a difficult situation I am dealing with. Counselling and spiritual healing treatments helped me to a point, but during my EFT sessions we have been able to identify where old patterns of behavior have formed, and work on a subconscious level to change how I react from here on. Thus eliminating the trauma associated with similar situations. I feel as though a heavy, sad weight is slowly but surely lifting from my shoulders. Shauna delivers the session in a wonderfully empathetic and caring way.” 
– Lara Batton

“I recently had my first amazing experience with the modality known as EFT and I was lucky enough to find Shauna Hawkes. Shauna is wise beyond her years; she had amazing insights and was the ultimate professional.  I would highly recommend her to anyone seeking an EFT practitioner.”
– Kerry Baxter PhD




“I approached Shauna for 1:1 classes after experiencing her teaching and mentoring through Vinyasa classes and the Modern Yogi Project. Shauna's innate ability to get straight to the point and to reveal challenges within myself was an awakening experience! Her precision and intuition when it comes to cuing the body is incredible and I found myself improving following a single session. I've discovered so much more enjoyment and advancement in my yoga practice after individual guidance from Shauna! Thank you so much.” 
Nelly Bendikov




“There is so much to take away from the retreat experience.  I wasn’t sure what to expect coming into it and felt a bit nervous about it but I’m so glad I came and feel like I’ve learned so much about myself over the 3 days.  Great group of people and a really relaxing and fun experience.”
– Saharra Sinclair

“Despite never doing yoga, I found the retreat a fantastic way to unwind.  Everyone was lovely, the food was fantastic and Shauna is a calming influence.”
– Abby Corrigall

“Shauna’s retreats are all about connecting.  She has a wealth of experience, generosity shared, gladly accepted, gladly accepted by those of us fortunate enough to attend.  The food, venue and activities are excellent, and carefully planned.” 
– Jim Cantor

"A lovely relaxing weekend in the sun with fabulous people, a beautiful house, great food and Shauna's wonderful yoga classes. Made lots of new friends, kicked back, relaxed and stretched!  Thanks to Shauna and those who made it a fabulous weekend." 
— Katia Spies